Final design

27 05 2010

small video of our final design, showing it on a big projector.


Getting it goin :)

26 05 2010

Drawing with bikes

Tron code efforts

26 05 2010

Here are the three attempts to refine the tron code until we consulted someone with code writing experience who told us the the codes weren’t compatible between the two processing programs. The difference between pressing a key in the tron game code, couldn’t be converted to a value of the potentiometers, since the potentiometers were plotting on a grid, rather than setting a direction.

etch a sketch build process.

26 05 2010

heres some pictures of our bulid of the bike etch-a-sketch

tron and potentiometers

26 05 2010

after trying to mix the code from and and after consulting someone with a bit of experience in code writing, it was found that these codes weren’t compatible.

Our other idea is to hook 2 bikes up, to a potentiometer each and  going back to the etch a sketch idea as seen here

one bike will possibly use horizontal axis, one with the vertical one.

The Stuff We Should Have Uploaded Ages Ago…

25 05 2010

So here are some early concept drawings from a while ago. Includes the early surprise concept and initial ideas for experiences.

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25 05 2010

After playing around with the ‘etch-a-sketch’ the idea came up that it looked very similar to a old style arcade game, or in particular, Tron.

(link to game)

When we search the net for tron style games, made through processing, this isnt alot. But some codes for Processing came up which may come in handy.